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Rebel Elhandel

Rebel is a startup in the Swedish electricity industry offering low cost, environment and consumer friendly electricity contracts.

In 2019, Rebel started rolling out it's consumer offering nationwide. As the company evolved an oppertunity arised to build its own CRM and ERM system which later on opened up to other electricity suppliers.

The main focus of Rebel is to offer consumers an uncomplicated electricity contract with no addon costs, low price guarantee, no lock-in and a pure digital service. It's has been a very successful setup from the get-go.

Read more about Rebel and its offerings at rebel.se (Swedish).

Starting in 2021, Rebel opened up its in-house made CRM and ERP system for electricity suppliers in Sweden. It's a user friendly one stop shop for electricity suppliers featuring a full onboarding flow, customer communication, invoicing and is easy to extend and integrate via API webhooks.

Read more about Easy and why it's the best solution for electricity suppliers at easysystem.se (Swedish).

Early in 2023 Rebel release a mobile app for its customers to keep track on the current electricity price and their consumption. It also included monthly estimates and consumption costs for common appliances in the home.

The app is the available on the App Store and on Google Play

  • .NET platform
  • C# programming language
  • Azure cloud services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Next.js framework
  • React framework
  • Tailwind CSS framework
  • React Native mobile app framework